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Beaded Autumn. [02 Feb 2007|09:15am]

A few month ago I loomed some Phoenix pendants and a herdan and my Mum loved the colours of the herdan so much that asked me to make the same thing for her. I don't like to repeat my work, so I loomed a collar in the same colours, but with autumn leaves. I wanted to show the variety of Moscow trees in it. Here it is. Moscow Autumn

Meander belt [15 Jan 2007|12:07am]

I made my first beaded belt 18 years ago, I hadn't started learning beading seriously then.
The belt was a very childish work, but I was very proud of it and often wore it going to school.
Time has passed, and I've learning beading all the time.
Sometimes I thought of making a new belt, some ideas appeared and suddenly I was asked to make it. The woman, who asked me to do it is a very good friend of our family, so I was glad to make this work.
So, after 18 yaers belt-pause - belt number 2

Beaded Phoenix [24 Oct 2006|06:46pm]

Recently I've loomed 5 phonixes. Here they are:

Beaded sticks [03 Oct 2006|11:31pm]

Let me introduce you my new beaded stick.
There are two beaded sticks on the page, the silver one is new.

versatile freshwater pearl sterling silver jewelry! real deal. [24 Jul 2006|01:25am]
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hematite jewelry.
*sold online for 29.95,but here it's sold for less!
*freshwater pearls,sterling silver, nice jewels, not the cheap-o stuff.
*great gift or sold well in salons and other stores
*a wide variety of colors and patterns

*deals are able to be made
go look!

money accepted:paypal,concealed cash (ayor),money orders, and checks.
comment at my journal.


Beaded Picture [19 May 2006|10:56am]


18Х26 cm. 26 colours. Loom

snake + dragonflies + seahorses [16 Dec 2005|11:17pm]
these are already many weeks old, but i haven't gotten to photograph them until now (lack of willpower and daylight)

but here they are!Collapse )

i'm going to miss the beading-course i attended this autumn. i wish another one is arranged next year, i'm so going to participate in that! but fortunately this isn't so difficult, and i have lots of patterns so i can make almost anything by myself as well.
too bad pearls are so damn expensive.
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Iridescent Pearl & Gold Chain Tassel instructions [12 Nov 2005|11:47pm]
There are 5 strands in each tassel, which are strung as follows:
Half an inch of iridescent seed beads, one medium iridescent, one small iridescent, an inch and a half of iridescent seed beads , one small iridescent , one medium iridescent , one small iridescent , one small pearl , one medium iridescent , one small pearl , one medium iridescent , Three lops of seed beads are made three-quarters of an inch long. the needle is then brought back through the larger bead to where the seed beads began . Here an inch and a half of iridescent seed beads are strung and the needle passes through the larger bead. Half a inch of seed beads completes the strand. the others are strug in the same way.

Iridescent Pearl & Gold Chain [12 Nov 2005|07:36pm]
7 Large oval baroque pearls 4 medium " " 16 Large round pearls 30 Small " " 18 Large gold beads 10 Large iridescent cut beads 52 medium " " 118 small " " 90 flat or "disc" iridescent cut beads 4 bunches or 4 strings of a hank iridescent beads 1 bunch or 1 string of gold seed beads Heavey weight nymo thread or Bead wire Start with about 8 yard, doubled over to half, of thread or wire. Start with one large baroque pearl in the center , then disc bead , one large round pearl one flat iridescent, one large iridescent, one flat iridescent,one gold seed , one large gold, one gold seed etc..Continue this pattern till all 7 baroque beads are on the chain.. Will post how to finish off with tassels in a later post. Thank you

hello [10 Nov 2005|04:22pm]
i was just searching for a beading community on livejournal, and noticed that there aren't any communities with the simple name "beading", so i wanted to create this.
i've recently started beading myself, am taking a short course where i'll learn new techniques and other interesting things. i live in finland and beading isn't that popular here -- yet, but hopefully soon. :)

am currently working on a little snake, and testing to knit with pearls, but i've so far done this:

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